"L’ aventure en Primitivance is my home when I’m on the road which is quite often. The smell of my Mediterranean, my lounging on the beaches of the Adriatic with the sound of crickets and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Wherever the road takes me, when I put on serum in the evening and go to bed, I’m home.” 

Maslina’s Pharomatiq Spa proudly uses L' aventure en Primitivance, Croatian-made natural skincare super-powered by Dalmatian botanicals. 

Thomas Seconde's love for landscaping developed during his studies in art school. Wanting to merge his passion for art and plants, it was only natural that he would become a Landscape Architect. After studying space design, it was at the National School of Landscape Architecture in Versailles that he developed his passion for creating landscapes.

“The overall idea for the landscape design was to be the most unique as we could while recreating the local feel."

Thomas Seconde of AC&T

Low-intrusive architecture floats on the landscape like scattered pavilions, decorated with a ventilated wooden facade that blends in with the island environment.

Split-based architecture studio Aalto and leading architect Tomislav Alujevic uncover the secret to Maslina’s signature style.

With roots in Geneva, Germany, and Paris, Léonie Alma Mason’s eye for art can be credited to a childhood centered around traveling and a family fashioned by museums

Léonie graduated with honors from Paris École Camondo in 2011 and began her career as an interior designer in small studios to ensure she could understand the reality of the field. 

“We all share the same idea of respecting the environment and were mindful when choosing each material. To create this elegant, simple and peaceful atmosphere, natural materials were the key element."

Léonie Alma Mason