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Maslina Resort

Where your wellbeing is our priority

Why Pharomatiq? ‘Pharos’ pays tribute to the ancient name of Stari Grad, while ‘aromatic’ honors Hvar Island’s healing plants and herbs.

Wellness is at the core of Maslina Resort. Hvar itself is a haven for health and wellbeing, and thanks to the founding of the Hvar Health Society, it has been recognized as a healing destination in Europe since 1868. Guests can enjoy the fresh and flavorful Mediterranean diet, mild climate, and salty sea air while trekking through the heavenly-scented lavender fields and rugged olive groves. Guests can also benefit from an array of family and solo wellness activities and treatments on offer.

Pharomatiq Wellness

Inspired by Hvar's healing environment and the Mediterranean lifestyle, we have carefully crafted a series of wellness offers to treat your whole self

Maslina is an integrated wellness resort that provides the space for guests to feel, think, and improve their overall wellbeing through connection with themselves, each other, and nature. We intend to positively impact the people and places we interact with to leave a legacy for future generations. Pharomatiq's wellness therapists integrate various healing modalities, including traditional massage treatments, sound healing, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Mindful Movement Classes are an integral part of our wellness services, including various forms of yoga, meditation, and fitness.

We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation at Pharomatiq Wellness. Our Wellness team will review your physical preferences, understand your sleep patterns and lifestyle goals, and guide you in choosing the best treatments and experiences based on your chosen intention. Kindly book your complimentary consultation at the Pharomatiq Wellness reception desk. 

Surrounded by native pines, medicinal herbs, and olive trees, Pharomatiq Wellness is situated just steps away from the main hotel building, with a fitness space, hair salon, and Aquathermal Facilities with indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

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Wellness Packages

Our carefully-crafted Wellness Packages are designed for guests looking to indulge in luxurious treatments. By choosing our Wellness Packages, guests can choose from a selection of treatments and unlock exclusive savings that make your wellness experience even more enticing. All packages begin with an in-depth Wellness Consultation, unlimited use of the Aquathermal facilities, and a daily wellness class.

Don't forget to explore our Signature treatments and Wellness Time, designed as private time for you or two that honors the wellness treatment you need at that moment.

Traditional Massage Treatments

An integral part of our treatments includes regenerative massage combined with organic Dalmatian herbs to promote your overall balance and wellbeing.








Holistic Experiences

A series of treatments to tend to the body and lift the spirit through supportive and relaxing sessions, encouraging the mind to slow down while energy is increased and a sense of peace is renewed.






Mindfulness & Movement

"Mindful movement is exercise performed with awareness."

For those wishing to pursue individual health and fitness goals with the help of a trained professional, our trainers offer various types of Yoga, Fitness, and Meditation practices that can be combined and adapted to your specific needs. 

Mind & Body

Personal Training & BioMarker Assessment

We recommend targeting your wellness goals with an in-depth personal analysis that includes a Postural & Movement Assessment to identify skeletal and postural imbalances that could compromise your movement patterns, leading to chronic pain. This Assessment is complemented with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to understand body fat percentage, body fat mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, total body water, body type, basal metabolic rate, and other essential parameters to develop your signature program that is specific to your internal constitution, lifestyle, and personality.

Yoga & Assisted Stretching

More than 5000 years old, the practice of yoga revives dormant energy, rejuvenates the tissues, and helps in new cell formation. Through conscious movement, proper realignment, and breathing practices, the body is prompted to rest, rejuvenate, and regenerate efficiently, allowing the body's systems to detoxify and return to homeostasis. Our instructors offer various types of yoga and meditation practices that can be combined and adapted to your specific needs, including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Ashtanga.

Pharomatiq Fitness Space

Reap the benefits of exercise at our Pharomatiq Fitness Space, featuring world-class Nordh & Matrix equipment to provide an optimal workout environment for your wellbeing. Each Nordh product has been carefully sourced and handcrafted with natural materials following Maslina's Mindful Luxury philosophy.            

Facials by Biologique Recherche

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Old Croatian Proverb

The Biologique Recherche Methodology is based on over forty years of experience using innovative products and meticulous protocols. The products are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients derived from natural or biotechnological compounds and are fragrance-free. Skincare is provided following a personal dermocosmetic diagnosis (suitable for both men and women) using a Skin Instant© analysis.

We also offer a selection of treatments designed for Children & Teens and look forward to caring for them when accompanied by an adult.

Finishing Salon

Enjoy a range of services, from hair styling to hand and foot care. Our manicures and pedicures restore the beauty of your nails and include an aromatic foot soak, a gentle exfoliation, and a soothing massage to nourish and soften dry hands and feet. Treatments include nail and cuticle conditioning, nail shaping, and nail polish application. The duration of the services is approximate and can vary per service.

Hair & Scalp Treatment

An intensive treatment utilizing Davines products with natural plant essences to restore & nourish the hair and energize and stimulate the scalp to improve circulation and add luster to the hair. This treatment is customized for different hair needs and includes a scalp and head massage, hair mask, foot massage, and hairstyling.

Kid-Friendly Activities

Fun for kids & the whole family

There is never a dull moment at The Playroom, where kids can enjoy a variety of activities. From entertainment to education, families and children can enjoy wall climbing, arts & crafts, music games, water elements, outdoor adventures, dance, activities that support cognitive development, and sports and recreational activities. Kindly note that the selection of activities depends on the age and number of children. Only children from ages 4 and up are allowed to enjoy the Kids' Playroom without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.


Kindly contact us to learn more about our Wellness offers.