Maslina Resort

Where your wellbeing is our priority

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." Gautama Buddha

Wellness is at the core of Maslina Resort. Hvar itself is a haven for health and wellbeing, and thanks to the founding of the Hvar Health Society, it has been recognized as a healing destination in Europe since 1868. Guests can enjoy the fresh and flavorful Mediterranean diet, mild climate and salty sea air, while trekking through the heavenly scented lavender fields and rugged olive groves. Guests can also benefit from an array of family and solo wellness activities, and spa treatments on offer.

Pharomatiq Spa

Inspired by Hvar's healing environment and the Mediterranean lifestyle, we have carefully crafted a series of wellness offers to treat your whole self

Therapists at Pharomatiq Spa integrate various healing modalities, including traditional massage techniques, Sound Therapy, Vibrational Healing, herbal tonics, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. An integral part of our wellness services, Mindful Movement Classes include various forms of Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness classes.

For a deep transformational journey, we invite you to enjoy our Wellness Immersion Programs, a personal approach to integral balance to foster a state of deep renewal and recovery.

Spa Facilities

Surrounded by native pines, medicinal herbs, and olive trees, the Spa is situated just steps away from the resort, with a fitness room, hair salon and thermal wet areas with indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.





Traditional Massage Treatments

After an initial consultation with our Spa therapist, our traditional massage treatments begin using a personalized selection of therapeutic-grade essential oil.






Holistic Treatments

A series of treatments to tend to the body and lift the spirit through supportive and relaxing sessions, encouraging the mind to slow down while energy is increased and a sense of peace is renewed.






Mindfulness and Movement

"Mindful movement is exercise performed with awareness.

It involves mental focus, to train your body to move optimally through both athletic activities and everyday life. It's exercise that makes you move smarter."
Sang H. Kim

Mind & Body

Movement & Fitness Assessment

This in-depth analysis includes a Postural and Movement assessment complemented with a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) that measures body fat percentage, body fat mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, muscle mass quality, total body water, body type, basal metabolic rate, daily caloric intake, metabolic age and other important parameters to develop your personalized program.

Your personalized program will take into account your internal constitution, lifestyle and personality, making sure all your needs are covered so you can embrace or strengthen your fitness levels.

All fitness levels and ages can benefit from these analyses as our fitness professionals meet you where you are.

Fitness Training

Reap the benefits of exercising mindfully with a fun program designed and tailored to your specific goal; may it be sports specific training, functional training, muscle rehabilitation or simply to improve your level of fitness. A la carte fitness and movement sessions include:

Mat Pilates Method
TRX Suspension Training
HIIT & Functional Training
Strength & Circuit Training
Outdoor Boot Camp
Kids & Teens Movement

Our fitness professionals meet you where you are.

Yoga & Meditation

More than 5000 years old, the practice of yoga revives dormant energy, rejuvenates the tissues and helps in new cell formation.

Through conscious movement, proper realignment and breathing practices, the body is prompted to rest, rejuvenate, and regenerate efficiently, allowing the body systems to detoxify and return to homeostasis.

Our instructors offer various types of yoga and meditation practices that can be combined and adapted to your specific needs.

Wellness Immersion Programs

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Old Croatian Proverb

Our ancestors knew that by treating the whole person, mind and body, rather than an illness or symptom, a deeper level of healing is experienced. Based on this promise, we have crafted two wellness programs to meet you where you are.

Available from 2021

The Cure of the Adriatic Sea

4-7-9 day program


A de-stressing and restorative wellness immersion. This is a unique journey of deep renewal where you will learn the tools to better effectively manage life’s challenges while systematically liberating your body and your mind of residual stress and anxiety.

We believe, just like stress accumulates over time, it takes some time to de-stress, both for the body and the mind. In this 4-phase program, your body is treated to daily massage therapies, herbal remedies and mindfulness movement and mental practices to allow for inner strength, clarity and abundance to permeate your life.

Lifestyle Wellness Immersion

7-9-12 day program



A Vitality Education Program designed to help our guests reach and maintain their wellness goals. Our Wellness Director and Head Chef will guide and support you in achieving and sustaining your goals for health, wellness, weight management, anti-aging, detoxification, and fitness.

This gentle approach meets you where you are, covering nutritional habits, work, and family demands, as well as establishing goals for the rest of the program.


Kid-Friendly Activities

Fun for kids & the whole family

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