Lavender Dreams

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Lavender Dreams

5242 €

To celebrate Hvar’s lavender heritage and the therapeutic properties of these fragrant flowers, Maslina Resort is offering a 3-night stay in our Panoramic Suite to fully immerse guests in a dreamy lavender experience. 

Arrive from Split in style on Maslina’s custom Colnago 45 TS speedboat and begin your stay sipping a soothing lavender-infused welcome drink, promoting wellness and relaxation when you walk through our doors. read more


Pamper your mind, body, and soul with a Lavender Couples Massage, a 60-minute blissful escape into your well-being, where our skilled aromatherapists expertly blend lavender oil into a custom mix to harness the therapeutic benefits of this versatile essential oil. When used in massage and aromatherapy, lavender helps relieve muscle soreness and tension, offering a natural approach to pain relief. This skin-soothing savior possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it beneficial for treating a range of skin conditions. Lavender also has mood-lifting effects; its fragrance alleviates tension, induces a sense of calmness and relaxation, and reduces stress. 

The aromatherapy session unfolds in a tranquil setting at Pharomatiq Wellness, with soft lighting and gentle music to enhance the ambiance. You choose your preferred application method, whether through diffusers, massage oils, or aromatic mists, allowing this calming scent to envelop you in a cocoon of serenity. 

Guide your mind into a restful slumber with our Sunset Sound Healing session. This 60-minute holistic practice utilizes the power of sound vibrations to enhance your overall state of being. Enveloped outdoors by this aromatic flower, the buzzing of the bowls harmonizes with the powerful lavender scent, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to induce a relaxation response that prepares the body for a restful night's sleep. After this vibrational resonance, sip our garden-crafted lavender tea, designed with calming properties to reduce nighttime anxiety so you can unwind and drift into a deeper slumber.

Inhale the healthy Hvar air during a 75-minute local lavender-infused meditation and breathwork session for two, held outdoors surrounded by the island’s medicinal plants and herbs. Explore a variety of mindful meditation techniques, including focused breath awareness and guided visualizations. The breathwork features lavender essential oil and lavender inhalation for heightened relaxation. Diluted lavender essential oil is applied to the pulse points and inhaled deeply through the nose, allowing the soothing aroma to fill the lungs. Slowly exhaled through the mouth, all tension, negativity, and stress are quickly released. The lavender-infused atmosphere deepens mindful breathing and meditation, wrapping you into a sanctuary of tranquility and inner peace at our Hvar Island hideaway.

This Lavender Dreams offer also includes one light Mediterranean lunch for two, a welcome gift of lavender essential oil and cookies produced locally on Hvar Island, and a return speedboat transfer to Split.



  • 3-night stay in our Panoramic Suite
  • Lavender welcome drink (non-alcoholic)
  • Welcome gift of lavender essential oil and lavender cookies crafted on Hvar Island
  • Lavender Couples Massage (60 minutes) once during the stay
  • Sunset Sound Healing session with Hvar lavender tea (60 minutes) once during the stay
  • Outdoor Meditation & Breathwork session featuring a Hvar Lavender Inhalation (75 minutes) once during the stay
  • Daily lunch for two at The Restaurant 
  • Roundtrip private transfer (to/from Split) on Maslina’s custom Colnago 45 TS speedboat 
  • Not combinable with other promotions and offers
  • Starting from 5.242,25 euros in the low season to 6.995,00 euros in the peak season


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