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The Restaurant

Each detail on your plate tells a story, evokes a place, and creates a memory.

The food we serve is simple; we want to respect our ingredients, honor the producers, recognize seasonality, nurture our chefs, and balance cooking between authenticity and spontaneity, traditional and modern, local and global.

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The Cuisine

Supporting Maslina Resort Mindful Luxury philosophy, the culinary focus of The Restaurant embraces the UNESCO-protected Mediterranean Diet but adds a contemporary flair. The cuisine at Maslina Resort respects local ingredients and producers and recognizes seasonality, with many ingredients harvested from our 7,000 sqm Organic Garden. Daily a la carte menus with tasting menu options are complemented by international wines, spirits, and classic and craft cocktails inspired by the island of Hvar.

"Food is everything we are. It's an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic
feeling, your personal history, your province, yourregion, your tribe, your
grandma. It's inseparable from those from the get-go."

Anthony Bourdain

The Bar

Sip and savor craft beers, Hvar-inspired signature cocktails, champagne, and fine wines

Local boutique wineries, renowned international wines, Champagne Thienot, craft beers, and signature cocktails created by Chris Edwardes; you can find it all at our bar. Sip on cocktails inspired by the elements of Hvar Island, enhanced by a sleek interior and laid-back outdoor lounge.

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The Team

Maslina’s kitchen is led by young Croatian chef Massimo Cvek. Cvek is a 31-year-old Executive Chef from Rovinj, Croatia, with over eight years of experience in various cuisines. Cvek is a detail-orientated professional with superb people skills, is efficient and accurate with an innate drive to provide exceptional service, and believes his excellent communication skills are demonstrated in almost a decade of serving satisfied clients.

“Maslina Resort and I have the same vibe. The hotel is connected with nature, the land, the sea, and the stone, in a way reflecting me and my development. I will not focus on 15 ingredients on a plate. If I go out into nature and find something edible, you will eat it. My idea is to promote where I am. Croatia has an incredible variety of ingredients that we can offer. The simplest things these days are the best things. You don’t need much to make people happy, but we fail to realize that. We think people always want more. In the end, something simple like lobster tail with buttermilk, leek oil, and potato foam is just four ingredients and tastes wonderful.” 

Maslina’s culinary team believes in sourcing locally and seasonally available ingredients, honoring the “earth to the table” approach. The Restaurant team strives to leave a legacy through the authenticity of the land while respecting the environment and the community.

"Cocktails are designed to make your day complete."

Chris Edwardes

A•Bay Beach Bar

Where casual vibes, chill sounds, and cool cocktails convene on the coast

Along the coastal promenade of Maslina Resort is A•Bay, a laid-back beachside hangout for your imbibing pleasure.

Where casual vibes, chill sounds, and cool cocktails convene on the coast, A•Bay is set in the open with views extending to the Kabal peninsula and is the place to sip our signature and fruit-focused cocktails, champagne, or a chilled glass of rosé.

A•Bay’s feel-good libations harmoniously join the chic decor, with a music sommelier on deck to enhance the natural island ambiance.

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